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Importance of a clean workspace

5 Ways To Improve Health and Workplace Safety

Let’s face it; it can be tough to keep a safe workplace. And so many things pop up that could be causing you issues when considering occupational health and occupational safety. From personal protective equipment to workplace safety tips for all employees, it can be hard to know what to do to prevent safety incidents from occurring. But we are here to remind you that the most significant issues can be handled easily.

Just by keeping your workplace clean, you can reduce the spread of germs and illnesses and create a safer environment for your employees. But you don’t have to take our word for it. Here is an article from Facility Executive to explain why.

For those ready to learn best practices on workplace safety, here are 5 ways to improve your workplace safety and health using this simple understanding.

Implement a regular cleaning schedule and stick to it - this will help reduce the spread of germs and other potential hazards

Keeping the area clean is essential for workplace safety. Implementing a regular cleaning schedule and sticking to it is vital to ensuring that germs are kept at bay in any workplace. While it’s tempting to take shortcuts and make exceptions, following the cleaning schedule consistently is the only way to really ensure that surfaces and everyday objects remain protected from germs. Making sure supplies are readily available, like soap, wipes, and paper towels can also help make it easier for employees to incorporate good hygiene into their daily routines. When workers dedicate themselves to keeping their workplace clean regularly, they can rest assured that they’re doing everything possible to ensure workplace health and safety.

Encourage employees to wash their hands regularly, especially before eating or after using the restroom

Establishing a consistent and reliable hand-washing policy can also help with workplace safety. It can create an environment where everyone is protected from illnesses. This ensures absenteeism is kept to a minimum and morale remains high. Encouraging our staff to wash their hands regularly is the perfect way to achieve this! We recommend that employees scrub their hands thoroughly before eating and after using the restroom. Doing so ensures bacteria and germs are rinsed away, and everyone stays comfortable and healthy.

Hand Washing

Place hand sanitizer dispensers around for easy access

Taking proactive steps to reduce the spread of germs can go a long way in preventing illnesses from circulating. That’s why providing hand sanitizer stations effectively ensures a clean, healthy environment for everyone. Having these dispensers as a readily available hygiene option would make it easier for everyone to quickly sanitize their hands throughout the day, reducing the chances of spreading viruses or other contaminants. Investing in high-quality units designed to last is essential, as is correctly refilling them regularly to maintain cleanliness and minimize breakage or leakage problems. Hand sanitizer dispensers are essential to creating a safe, infection-free work environment – put them in place, and you’ll be taking effective action toward protecting yourself and your employees.

Make sure all surfaces are clean and free of dust - This includes door handles, countertops, and phones

Keeping surfaces free of dust at work is an easy way to help keep everyone safe. By regularly wiping down or disinfecting door handles, countertops, and phones, everyone can rest assured that these surfaces are as sanitary as possible. This preventative step will give employees greater peace of mind to focus on their tasks productively and efficiently. Growing businesses take note – when it comes to workplace cleanliness, ensuring dust-free surfaces is always a priority!

Keep the floors clean and free of debris - this will help prevent slips and falls

Keeping your floors clean and debris-free is essential to maintaining workplace safety. Not only does it make for a more pleasant atmosphere, but it also helps to prevent slips and falls which lead to workplace injuries. Spills, crumbs, and other debris can quickly become a hazard if left unchecked, especially in busy areas. To ensure a safe workplace, frequent cleaning and sweeping should be done to ensure that the floor is clear of anything that could increase the likelihood of someone slipping or falling. Keeping surfaces dry is especially important, so don’t forget to sweep up any puddles in high-traffic areas as they form. All it takes is a few moments each day to keep your floors clean to avoid workplace hazards— the effort will be well worth it in the end!

This step is especially crucial if your job site is under construction. With the heavy machinery and other dangerous items around, it is crucial that all tripping hazards are removed.

Dust Moping

Bonus: Conduct regular safety inspections and address any hazards immediately.

Regular safety inspections are a necessary step for occupational safety. Keeping tabs on potential hazards will ensure there are no unsafe conditions. Inspections should be performed regularly to ensure that everything is up-to-date and compliant with OSHA health and safety regulations. If any unsafe working conditions are found, they should be addressed immediately to eliminate the risk of any further accidents or illnesses. Make sure to include all the necessary safety protocols in your inspection checklist, such as checking for dust and debris accumulation, cleanliness of surfaces, and proper hand-washing practices. Regular safety inspections will help keep everyone safe and healthy while they work. Because this is so important, this responsibility must fall on one employee or an outside agency.

In conclusion, the workplace should always be held to high standards of cleanliness and hygiene. Regular cleaning and sanitization protocols are essential for workplace safety, worker safety, and customer safety. Implementing a strict cleaning schedule, encouraging frequent handwashing, placing hand sanitizer dispensers around the workspace, and keeping all surfaces as dust-free as possible are all great ways to promote overall safety in the workplace. Extra measures to keep floors secure will also help prevent potential safety issues.

Remember, workplace safety is not just a way to appease OSHA. Nor is it just for larger businesses, but it is essential for a business of every size. This is because your most valuable resource is your worker. Keeping them safe means they are more productive and can help your business grow. So, take the necessary steps to ensure your workplace is clean, healthy and safe!

The safety of yourself and those around you should be given the utmost importance – invest in a good cleaning program today! If you have any further questions or concerns regarding workplace cleanliness, don’t hesitate to reach out so we can ensure your space is as safe as possible. Our cleaning inspection is a free service provided to you to make sure your business is clean, preventing a great many safety concerns.

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